Bonnie's First Year as a Liv Ambassador

As summer turns to fall and the year’s cycling events are winding up, I reflect on my first year as Liv Ambassador at County Cycles and am overwhelmingly grateful for the response from the women who have come out to bike. It has been a busy year, and not every event has gone as planned, but it’s been a fun adventure and I have managed to learn quite a bit along the way. I would like to thank everyone who came out to events at County and smiled, even when we were biking through snowbanks in late April or sidetracked (again!) by construction.

The Liv brand focuses on building the women’s biking community. Over the course of the year, I have travelled to many events sponsored by Liv in the local area as well as throughout the Midwest, and the vibe is always the same.  Women are excited to be on bikes, conquering new skills, overcoming old fears, and meeting fellow travelers on this journey. Whether they are seasoned coaches with years of experience riding all types of terrain, or new riders curious about mountain biking, everyone is connected by a love of the sport, creating an open and welcoming atmosphere unique to cycling. I’m not sure if it’s because we revert to joy of our childhood self, exploring our neighborhood with the freedom of our bicycle, or because we are connecting to nature and pumping out endorphins, but riding bikes seems to make people happy.

It’s this kinship we are seeking to emulate with the Liv events at County Cycles. Over the past year, the goal has been to get women out and excited to ride bikes together. From the Winter Bike Cleaning Clinic in February, to Yoga Night, the Urban Growler Ride, the Women’s Weekend in Cuyuna, the Apple Orchard Ride, or any of the Tuesday Night Ladies Rides, MTB Skills in the Park, or Lady Train on the Trails, we’re looking to bring women together, have some fun, meet new friends, and build the cycling community. Even though our lives are busy and it’s often hard to make the time to ride, I know that whenever I finish and hop off my bike, I am glad that I made the effort.

While our summer cycling calendar is winding down, I look forward to what next year might bring. What kinds of events might bring you in to ride among new friends? Is there something fun or challenging you’d like to attempt with encouragement from fellow cyclists? What does being part of a cycling community mean to you?  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts. If you can, let me know at the last event of the season, our Pumpkin Carving Night on October 24th. And if not, please shoot me an email at I can’t wait to see what you have in mind! Happy trails!

Bonnie Larson

County Cycles Liv Ambassador