Disk Brake Care

Disc brakes. They are here to stay. Many more bikes are coming equipped with them and chances are you will have a bike with them in the future. Here are some tips to keep these awesome components working in tip top shape.

BEDDING THE PADS- Start with clean rotors and pads. Find a safe place to do this. You will need enough room to bring your bike up to speed and stop as fast as you can without locking up the wheel. Do this ten to twenty times.

DO NOT TOUCH- Keep your fingers off the rotors. The oil from your skin can contaminate the pads and cause unwanted squealing brakes. The rotors can also get very hot and burn you.

PROTECT THE PISTONS- When you remove your wheel place something between the pads. Most new bikes come with a small plastic spacer for this application. This keeps the pistons from being pressed out of the caliper when the lever is pulled.

BLEED- Depending on how much you ride, the brakes may need to be bled once a year. The heat build up in the system can cause for contamination and dirty fluid. This will then make for poor braking and parts wearing out prematurely.

Some of the most important things you can do is to keep oils off of the rotors and pads. Be careful when lubing your chain and always use isopropyl alcohol to clean the system. Use a fine grade sandpaper to clean the surface of the pads and always wear rubber gloves when handling your disc brake parts.

Thanks for reading!