E-Bike Safety & Service

Guest author, Andrew Magill is taking Rea's reins this month!

E-bike safety includes all that you would think about in terms of safety related to riding any bike in addition to the need to follow manufacturer's instructions on battery charging and motor operation. E-bike dealers can repair the mechanical parts of your bike and can analyze and fix or replace issues that could arise with the battery or motor. Since Giant creates a very well designed and high quality product, Giant E-bikes are not likely to have battery or motor problems when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Giant frames come with a lifetime warranty and the batteries and motors found on Giant bikes have 2-year warranties.

E-Bikes are not inexpensive. You can expect to spend at least $2000 for a new, bike shop quality E-bike. Advanced models are priced between $3000 and $6000. If this price point surprises you,  consider how much it costs to own a car and the health benefits and enjoyment you could experience from biking more and possibly driving less. The staff at County Cycles is here to help answer your E-bike questions, set you up for a test ride on a E-bike, and help you choose your first or your next E-bike. Stop in and say “Hello,” we love our customers!