Fat Bikes Are PHAT

(Pretty Hot and Tempting)

How many different kinds of fat bikes are there? About as many as there are kinds of mountain bikes. They are designed in a similar geometry as well, making them great off-road vehicles as well as snowy-road commuters. Just like a mountain bike, they are made with and without suspension, in heavy and lighter variations, offer different component groups, and can be modified and customized to your preferred nuances or performance needs. They are made in different sizes, have many different wheel sizes and tire widths, and can cater to all different body types. Yes, this includes separate geometry designs for stereotypical women’s body proportions and also kid fat bikes!

I could go on for days typing about all the different fat bikes out there, so I will just share one of my favorites with you: Felt’s DD 30. It’s a perfect, mid-level, cruiser. Excellent aluminum frame, excellent color, excellent brakes, just the right number and range of gears, and fun, Fun, FUN! It rolls over everything in its path and the rolling momentum carries you down the trail with ease. Even the trail pup digs it.


Let’s face it: I am not a writer, I am a mechanic. Rather than butcher the history lesson of fat bikes, I’ll guide you to someone more practiced than I. Here is a very cool and well-informed article about the history of fat bikes and how they came to be the glorified rides they are today. There are also some fascinating photographs of the first designs of a fat bike wheel, especially the “6-pack.” It’s a quick read, check it out!

Read the full article here.