Great Service

County Cycles has been providing expert bike maintenance and repair services since 1981.  Our mechanics receive intensive training from all of our major bicycle and parts brands.  They can handle any job from the simplest brake adjustment to a complete bicycle overhaul.

Regular maintenance will keep your bike running like a champ for many years.  Dirt, water and hard riding can dramatically shorten a bicycle's life.  For years of happy cycling, let our expert team of mechanics care for your ride.

Maintenance Packages

Performance Tune Up

Our most common maintenance service.  The Performance Tune Up is a great way to get your bike ready for the road after a winter’s hibernation or a hard ride or two.  The Performance Tune Up includes:

  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Brake tightening
  • Hub adjustment
  • Headset straightening and tightening
  • Lateral wheel truing
  • Tire filling
  • Nut and bolt tightening
  • Chain/cable lube as necessary
  • Light frame cleaning


  • Multi speed bike  $80
  • Single speed bike $70
  • Department store bike $90                                           



Performance Overhaul

The Full Monty – the Performance Overhaul keeps your machine running smoothly for years and can bring a bike back to life after a long period of dormancy! This service package includes all the elements of the Performance Tune Up and adds:

  • Drivetrain and frame cleaning
  • Hub regreasing
  • Bottom bracket and headset cleaning and adjustment
  • Radial wheel truing


  • Multi speed bike $250.00                        
  • Single speed bike $190.00                        
  • Internally geared bike $260.00                        
  • Department store bike $275.00


All other maintenance services are based on a $75/hour labor rate.