Group Rides Do's & Don'ts

I LOVE riding my bike with people! It is the best fun for me, however, there are things we all need to do to respect each other and keep the ride enjoyable and safe. Here are some things to consider doing and not doing while you are riding in a group of cyclists.


  • Chat and be friendly.
  • Push each other to get up that hill or go that extra mile.
  • Draft. Help each other out!
  • Stay alert to all of your surroundings-other riders, traffic, road conditions, wind.
  • Look out for one another.
  • Signal your turns and all lane changes.
  • Signal your quick speed changes or stops.
  • Signal approaching debris or rough road conditions (pothole, cracks, sewer grates, etc.).
  • Vocalize your signals.
  • Ride two abreast, and single file in heavy traffic.
  • Maintain control of your bicycle at all times.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Use lights, reflective gear, and other safety equipment and dress.
  • Be responsible for yourself and your own riding habits.
  • Follow all traffic laws. You are driving a vehicle!
  • Carry your own flat repair kit.


  • The opposite of everything stated above.
  • Meditate. Save this for your yoga mat. I understand that those trees and freshly blooming flowers are gorgeous, but please pay attention to where you are.
  • Use your cell phone or other “smart” electronic device. Really, don’t. They make you do stupid things and you could cause harm to others.
  • Ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol that inhibit your driving skills and reaction time.
  • Ride “no-handed.”
  • Swerve unpredictably.
  • Spit or blow your nose to the side of the road. It ALWAYS hits the rider behind or next to you. Ew. Gross.
  • Call out “clear” at intersections. Each rider needs to take their turn at all stops and make their own decision of whether it is safe to proceed.
  • Ride tiny clown bikes. They are so fun! But SO SLOW!  ;-)

“Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.”

~League of American Bicyclists~