Marty's Gadgets

Marty is our buyer and resident parts and accessories guru.  Marty knows everything there is to know about bike gadgets.  He has been giving great advice on gear for more than 30 years.  We'll post great advice from Marty on a regular basis.  Stop back frequently to take advantage of Marty's wisdom!

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Meet Marty

Marty believes everyone should “enjoy the ride”.  Bikes are fun!

Marty has been working on bikes for parts of seven decades and he’s been working in the bike business since 1979 – and with County Cycles since 1991.  Marty loves being able to work at his hobby every day.  He views bikes as transportation first.  Marty commutes to work by bike every day and regularly logs 3,500-4,000 miles each year pedaling on two wheels.

Marty’s dad was mechanically adept and taught Marty to maintain and care for his bikes at an early age.  Marty remembers spending a Saturday overhauling his bike as a kid.  Coaster brakes still fascinate him!  Marty knows that cyclists can keep their own bikes running safely and smoothly.  He’s convinced that every cyclist should be able to fix a flat – so they are self-sufficient on rides.

Marty has 10 bikes in his fleet, but definitely has a couple “Go To” bikes.  His Bianchi Milano is his reliable steed for errands and rides around the neighborhood, while the bike he made himself (including the frame) is his favorite touring rig.  Fully loaded, his hand-made bike weighs in at 90 lbs – it definitely carries everything Marty needs on his bicycle vacations. 

Touring is Marty’s passion and he loves the discoveries and new experiences that a slow ride in the country offers.  His favorite touring memory is a random stop for a little Frisbee by a waterfall.  Marty’s favorite rides are in northern Minnesota – especially Highway 1 leaving Ely and traversing the rolling hills in the National Forest.  Marty took a 4-month cycling trip to the British Isles in the seventies that covered 1000+ miles of gorgeous scenery, cathedrals and castles.  His bucket list includes a ride across the entire US.

Marty is responsible for the wide selection of parts and accessories County Cycles is known for.  He’s committed to offering products that demonstrate good value – durable, high-quality items at affordable prices.  He loves finding unusual items that solve unique problems.  He’s proud when an avid cyclist says, “Wow!  I’ve never seen that before.”  Stop by and greet Marty.  He’s got just the part or accessory for you, no matter what your bike needs.