Pre-Ride Maintenance Checklist (ABC)

You wake up. The birds are singing, sun is shining and the day is calling your name. Let’s go for a ride! Before you jump on your bike and roll out make sure you and your bike are prepared.

Some people like to call it the ABC’s. Check your Air, Brakes, and Chain. Inflate your tires to the best Air pressure suited for the riding you will be doing. On the sidewall you’ll find a psi range. Check those Brakes. Make sure the pads hit the braking surface not too high as to contact the tire and not too low the pad is pressing off the bottom of the rim. Make sure the cables and brake arms move smoothly. Check that Chain! Chains need lube to function properly. They should also be free of debris and muck. Keeping your chain clean and lubed will allow it to shift better and silently.

Those three things will help… Here are a few more I like to do before I go out on a two wheeled adventure.

  • Check the weather. Dress appropriately. Know what you need to wear. Sun block or rain jacket. You’ll be happy you did!

  • Set course. I love to head out on a ride not knowing where the destination is. However that is not for every ride or person. Know where you are going and plan a safe route.

  • Fuel up. Fill up your water bottles and bring some food. You will need them and it’s always good to have these with you.

  • Check your bags. Make sure you have a tool kit, pump, patch kit(know how to use them), $20 bill or credit card for a ride home if needed.

  • Bounce test. Bounce the bike and listen for rattles. This is a good quick way to make sure everything is tight and safe. Fender bolts and other things rattle loose and need to be checked periodically.  

  • Let someone know where you’ll ride and for how long. Leave a note or send a text.


Have a great time riding everyone!



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