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Rea's Corner

Tips, tricks and product hints from Rea

Rea has been around County Cycles for as long as she can remember.  She has a unique insight and knows about bikes, riding and adventures for cyclists of all ages.  Each month, she'll share some of her favorite bike news, cycling suggestions and product recommendations.

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Meet Rea

Rising from the depths of millennials all around comes a young woman who strives to make cycling an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

Rea has been excited about cycling ever since she was a young pup and has remained true to her Freedom Machine even through the tough stuff (you know the ones: big, boxy, metal objects with far too many wheels). As a kid, she commuted to school every day. The first few years, she was accompanied by her pappy. What better way could father and daughter spend time together? As she grew, she discovered she could do more. She was stronger. She could go farther and faster each year. Her confidence grew with every rotation of the pedals. This is how her noble steed adopted the nick name: “Freedom Machine.”

The Freedom Machine has always lead Rea to her next adventure in life and continues to do so today. To Rea, the greatest feeling while riding is freedom. Her goal is to spread this feeling by providing a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, here at the shop and within the Saint Paul community.