Snacks for the Long Haul

Going on a long ride? I’m sure you’ve got everything packed nice and neat in your panniers, but how’s that snack bag look on your top tube? Empty? Let’s fix that!

Firstly, it is important to begin your day with a fulfilling breakfast. It wakes you up. It gets your metabolism going strong for the day. It feels good. And it just tastes good. Get your caffeine fix if that is your style. Get protein in your body. That protein will get you pretty far down the road! My favorite is a simple egg scramble with all sorts of veggies in it. Like an omelette, but messier! Don’t forget a full glass of water, too. It is best to be ahead on hydration. Keep an eye on the weather and pack your water and snacks accordingly. Maybe plan an extra stop along your ride to refill your liquids and snack pack if temperatures are extreme.

Grab some easy snacks for the road. Depending on your expected time in the saddle, you’ll want to aim for a small something every 15-30 minutes whether that is an electrolyte supplement or a calorie-full cookie. If you choose supplements, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s or your doctor’s recommendations on how and when to use them. If you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to ask us at County Cycles! We are familiar with the brands we carry, like Clif, Skratch, Gu, and others. There are specific products for specific purposes. Have something before your ride. Have something during your ride and at regular intervals. And have something after your ride for recovery nutrients. Drink plenty of water while you eat, too. It will help with digestion and keep you hydrated.

Bring real food. You will love yourself for it. Don’t underestimate the power of PB&J. When you are out for hours, a sandwich like PB&J can be the appropriate flavor and fuel your body craves. Cut them into fourths for easy and quick bites. Bring a candy bar. Bring your favorite GORP. Bring fresh fruit! Berries are the way to go: tasty, full of carbs, and easy to eat on the go. A banana does wonders as well, especially to prevent any cramping. Go back for another PB&J. Trust me, they always taste better after they’ve been on an adventure! Joe taught me that one.

After your ride, make sure to get another meal in you. Another good source of protein and “healthy fats,” like salmon or a turkey burger, will help your muscles heal after the long day of torture. Get some veggies in you as well. Your body will crave the nutrients. I can’t possibly describe to you how amazing a salad is after 100 miles in the saddle.

Good luck, and keep pedaling! As always, we are here to help at County Cycles. We all speak from experience, here. After a poll of shop employees, we want you to please remember this last crucial piece to the puzzle:

Don’t forget dessert! You’ve earned it!