Women's Gift Ideas

Finding just the right gift for the ladies in your life can be a tough one. Make that lady a cyclist and the options are narrowed a little, but not by much.

Skirt WeightKeeps her beautiful skirts and dresses in control and out of harm’s way, and keeps her from revealing the underlayers. I also use mine to tame light scarfs (even while not riding!).

Clothing Base layer/thin wool gloves, women’s bib shorts (these are designed to drop in a hurry without undressing), cycling dresses, warm and colorful thermal wear, tights, gloves, pint glasses, tools, Po Campo bags, socks, shoes, and leg, knee, and arm warmers. Clothing is always a good one.

Bells Everybody needs a bell. Get one for yourself while you’re at it. For the kids, too.

Bike Who doesn’t want this? I remember finding them peeking out from behind the magic tree in the living room when I was a kid. Now I’m older, I would likely have the same reaction, but less

Helmet Manufacturers recommend that a helmet be replaced every 3-5 years. The materials do not last forever, especially if worn avidly. Think about how many shoes you have. Think about how frequently you replace them. Why is it such a stigma to have only one helmet? The cost is similar, the amount of storage space is similar, and helmets are designed for different purposes LIKE SHOES, too. Many fear looking like a ding-dong, but you only have one brain. Help her protect hers.

Map - Phones are great. Cycling specific maps with great detail are better. They are also usually written by cyclists. Bikeeverywhere’s Twin Cities Bike Map is stellar. It is even tear and water resistant, unlike your average folded paper map or atlas.

Club County Cycles Maintenance Package This is one the whole family can use and is offered in a few different levels to suit your needs. Please click on the link or stop into the shop for more details!

For the picky one in your life, I suggest a Gift Certificate to County Cycles for any new trinket she may desire, or perhaps enough to get her bike overhauled in time for spring riding.

Hopefully you have a few ideas to make your holiday shopping less stressful. Keep in mind that all of these are actually great for all genders and ages. Best of luck and a happy family season to you all!