About County Cycles

Who is County Cycles?

County Cycles is a single location actual brick and mortar store. In business since 1981, we have grown out of our original garage location, through a small gas station, and finally into our existing building. We believe our tag line, "Trikes to Pro Bikes", really encompasses what we do here. There is a bicycle for everyone who wants one, and it's our job to find it. We carry an impressive selection of extras to go with those bikes. 30 years of buying bike parts can amount to a lot of components and accessories. We invite you to come in for a unique shopping experience that is County Cycles.

County Cycles

2700 Lexington Ave No

The forerunner to the present building was a small stand where George Reiling sold fruit. A small store selling fruit and groceries replaced it. Elton and Arthur Carrier owned that store. The present building was built in 1939 and divided into 3 parts. The north part was a filling station, the middle part was a grocery store and the south part was a hardware store. In the 1950-52, an addition was built across the back of the building, thus doubling the space. It then became strictly a hardware store. It is now a bicycle shop. This was one of the early businesses in Roseville.

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